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Dedicated Soil Vapor Tip, Teflon Umbrella, SS Screen

These Soil Vapor Tips can be left in the subsurface as an expendable point or installed as a permanent sample point. Some common uses are detecting underground tank and pipe leaks, detecting hydrocarbon spills, hazardous waste sites and landfill contamination.

Install as permanent sample point or leave in ground as a disposable point. AMS dedicated gas vapor tips are used for detecting hydrocarbon spills, underground storage tank and pipe leaks, landfill contamination and hazardous waste sites. Soil gas monitoring with the AMS dedicated gas vapor tip is easily accomplished using an available AMS gas vapor probe kit. The unique design and umbrella ensure an easy passage for gas entering the collection system. The umbrella assists in keeping the tip vapor inlets free of soil. The optional screen may be used, particularly in fine-grained soils or when sampling water.

AMS, 211.00 Gas Vapor Tip and Umbrella Replacement Parts

212.00 Fluoropolymer Umbrella

212.05 GVP Screen #50 Mesh


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